Append or Link: Blender 3D 2.49

Append or Link

  • User Preference menu >> File >> Append or Link

Select blend (that you are importing the item from)

Select Append or Link button

  • Append creates a separate copy of the item.  It can be moved and changed.
  • The appended item becomes a part of the new blend file.
  • Link creates a link to an item in another blend.  Linked items can not be moved or changed.

  • File Browser menu >> Append button
  • File Browser menu >> Link button

The Blender 3D and game engine tutorials were created as a series of step by step instructions and help you create computer games. Use the tutorials to make casual video games, First Person Shooter games, role playing games, racing simulation games and more. Use the tutorials as a self paced learning tool to model and program your own three-dimensional world and then play on your computer.