Action Actuator -- Flipper: Blender 3D Game Engine


1.  Flipper
Acts like a flipper on a pin ball machine
  • Positive Pulse plays Action forward at current frame.
  • Negative pulse reverses Action at current frame.
  • Stops playing the Action when it reaches the start or the end of the Ipo.
  • Action Actuators are only available for Armatures
2.  AC
Name of the Action to be played
3.  Continue
Restore the last frame when switching on and off.  
4.  Sta
The frame to start playing the action.
5.  End
The frame to stop playing the action
6.  Blendin
The number of frames to use when switching motions.
7.  Priority
The execution priority.
  • Range:  0 to 100
0 = Highest priority
100 = Lowest priority
8.  FrameProp
Assign the current frame number of the action to this Game Object Property.

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