AND Controller: Blender 3D Game Engine


1.  AND Controller
Evaluates the last pulse received from each of the connected Sensors.
  • If all of the sensors sent a positive pulse:  One positive pulse is sent to the attached actuator(s).
  • If one or more of the sensors sent a negative pulse:  One negative pulse is sent to the attached actuator(s).
  • Note:  A positive pulse will start/restart an actuator.  A negative pulse will stop an actuator.
2.  St -- 2.5 / State -- 2.49
  • Set all bits:  Show all 30 State Mask Groups
  • Store ini state:  Set the State Mask Group you want the game to start with.
  • Recall ini state:  Reset to the State Mask Group you want the game to start with.

3.  State GUI
Show/Hide controllers that belong to the corresponding State Mask group.
  • Top row:  State Mask groups 1 to 15
  • Bottom row:  State Mask groups 16 to 30
4.  Controller State Mask Group
The State Mask group the Controller belongs to.
5.  High Priority 
A controller with High Priority enabled is executed before controllers that don't have High Priority enabled.  
  • Note:  If more than one controller has high priority, the order of execution between them is not guaranteed.
6.  All
Set the State GUI to show all of the State Mask groups and the controllers that belong to them.
7.  Ini
Resets the State Menu to it's initial state.
  • Initial state:  Controllers (and the sensors/actuators that are attached to them) set to be active when the game/scene starts.
8.  D
Prints the State System Debug info to the game window.
  • Note:  'Show Debug Properties' must be enabled.  
Blender 2.49:  User Preferences menu >> Game >> Show Debug Properties
Blender 2.5:    Info menu >> Game >> Show Debug Properties

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