State System

State System

The State System activates and deactivates Controllers (and their links to the Sensors and Actuators connected to them) as needed while the game is running.

This saves memory and CPU cycles.


Each Object has a separate State System

Blender 3D
Game Engine
Rapid prototyping for 3D games. Test realtime 3D gameplay without having to compile the game code. 3D game models automatically added.  GLSL shaders. Normal Mapping and Parallax Mapping. All OpenGL Lighting modes. This includes transparencies, animated and reflection mapped textures. Multiple textures and materials. UV mapping. Per-pixel lighting and dynamic lighting.  Uses Bullet Physics. Soft body dynamics. Rigid body dynamics. Collision detection and dynamics simulation. Collision bounds of all types. Car physics engine with full support for vehicle dynamics. (Spring reactions, stiffness, damping, tire friction etc.).