Blender 3D Game Engine Python -- Functions Index (2.49b)


a  Class KX_VertexProxy
action  Class BL_ActionActuator
action  Class BL_ShapeActionActuator
activate  Class KX_PolygonMaterial
activate  Class SCA_PythonController
active_camera  Class KX_Scene
activity_culling  Class KX_Scene
activity_culling_radius    Variable in Class KX_Scene
actuator    Variable in Class SCA_ActuatorSensor
actuators    Variable in Class KX_GameObject
actuators    Variable in Class SCA_IController
addObject    Method in Class KX_Scene
addWheel    Method in Class KX_VehicleWrapper
alignAxisToVect    Method in Class KX_GameObject
angle    Variable in Class KX_RadarSensor
angle    Variable in Mathutils Module  --  Quaternion
AngleBetweenVecs    Method in Mathutils Module
angularVelocity    Variable in Class KX_SCA_AddObjectActuator
angV    Variable in Class KX_ObjectActuator
append    Variable in Class CListValue
applyBraking    Method in Class KX_VehicleWrapper
applyEngineForce    Method in Class KX_VehicleWrapper
applyForce    Method in Class KX_GameObject
applyImpulse    Method in Class KX_GameObject
applyMovement    Method in Class KX_GameObject
applyRotation    Method in Class KX_GameObject
applyTorque    Method in Class KX_GameObject
attrDict    Variable in Class KX_GameObject
axis    Variable in Class KX_RadarSensor
axis    Variables in Class KX_RaySensor
axis    Variable in Class SCA_JoystickSensor
axis    Variable in Mathutils Module  --  Quaternion
axisSingle    Variable in Class SCA_JoystickSensor
axisValues    Variable in Class SCA_JoystickSensor

b    Variable in Class KX_VertexProxy
blendin    Variable in Class BL_ActionActuator
blendin    Variable in Class BL_ShapeActionActuator
blendTime    Variable in Class BL_ActionActuator
blendTime    Variable in Class BL_ShapeActionActuator
bodies    Variable in Class KX_NetworkMessageSensor
body    Variable in Class KX_NetworkMessageActuator
boxInsideFrusturm    Method in Class KX_Camera
button    Variable in Class SCA_JoystickSensor

camera    Variable in Class KX_SceneActuator
cameras     Variable in Class KX_Scene
camera_to_world    Variable in Class KX_Camera
channelNames    Variable in Class BL_ActionActuator
children    Variable in Class KX_GameObject
childrenRecursive    Variable in Class KX_GameObject
collide    Variable in Class KX_PolyProxy
color / colour    Variable in Class KX_Light
color / colour    Variable in Class KX_VertexProxy
colSize    Variable in Mathutils Module  --  Matrix
compound    Variable in Class KX_ParentActuator
coneOrigin    Variable in Class KX_RadarSensor
coneTarget    Variable in Class KX_RadarSensor
conjugate    Method in Mathutils Module  --  Quaternion
connected    Variable in Class SCA_JoystickSensor
controllers    Variable in Class KX_GameObject
copy    Method in Mathutils Module  --  Euler
copy    Method in Mathutils Module  --  Matrix
copy    Method in Mathutils Module  --  Quaternion
copy    Method in Mathutils Module  --  Vector
count    Variables in Class CListValue
createConstraint    Methods in Class KX_PyConstraintBinding
CrossQuats    Method in Mathutils Module
CrossVecs    Method in Mathutils Module

Game developers can use the Blender game engine to create casual video games, first and third person shooters, role playing games, racing simulations and more. The Blender game engine can be used to make both 2D games and 3D games.  Today's games need more than good looking low polygon game models.  Use normal maps and photo realistic textures to create high quality game models.