Class KX_Camera -- Blender Game Engine 2.49b


boxInsideFrusturm getWorldToCamera
getCameraToWorld pointInsideFrustum
getScreenPosition setOnTop
getScreenRay setViewport
getScreenVect sphereInsideFrustum
camera_to_world near
far perspective
frustum_culling projection_matrix
lens useViewport
modelview_matrix world_to_camera
INTERSECT ----------

Inherited Methods
alignAxisToVect getVelocity
applyForce has_key
applyImpulse isA
applyMovement rayCast
applyRotation rayCastTo
applyTorque reinstancePhysicsMesh
disableRigidBody removeParent
enableRigidBody replaceMesh
endObject restoreDynamics
get sendMessage
getAngularVelocity setAngularVelocity
getAxisVect setCollisionMargin
getDistanceTo setLinearVelocity
getLinearVelocity setOcclusion
getPhysicsId setParent
getPropertyNames setVisible
getReactionForce suspendDynamics
getVectTo ----------
Inherited Variables:
actuators mass
attrDict meshes
children name
childrenRecursive occlusion
controllers parent
invalid sensors
linVelocityMax state
linVelocityMin timeOffset
localInertia visible
localOrientation worldOrientation
localPosition worldPosition
localScale worldScale

Game developers can use the game engine to create casual video games, first and third person shooters, role playing games, racing simulations and more. The game engine can be used to make both 2D games and 3D games.  Beginning game developers will only need basic knowledge of game design and programming to create rich and complex game models with photo realistic textures to add detail to the graphics of the video game.  Today's games need more than good looking low polygon game models.  Use normal maps and photo realistic textures to create high quality game models.