Class KX_GameObject -- Blender Game Engine 2.49b



setParent(parent, compound, ghost)

Parents an object to another object.

Type:  KX_GameObject

Type:  int
  1 = the child's shape is combined with the parent's shape.
  0 = the child's shape is kept separate from the parent's shape.

Type:  int
  1 = child is set to ghost
  0 = child is solid

Object type:  Sensor.  Child is always a ghost.

Sample Code

# get the current scene
scene = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()

# get a list of objects in scene
objList = scene.objects

# get the object named Cube from the list
cube = objList["OBCube"]

# get the object named Suzanne
suz = objList["OBSuzanne"]

# make cube a child of suz, combine shapes, no ghost
cube.setParent(suz, 1, 0)

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