1st Person Mouse Look -- Blender Game Engine


3.  Give player something to look at.

Add Suzanne.
Spacebar >> Add >> Mesh >> Monkey
User Preference menu >> Add >> Mesh >> Monkey

Position Suzanne in front of the camera
Select Suzanne:  Object Mode
Transform Properties
N key
3D View menu >> Object >> Transform Properties
LocX = 0.0
LocY = 15.0
LocZ = 5.0

4.  Parent Camera to Player (cube)

Camara:  Object Mode
Player:  Object Mode

Select both Camera and Player(cube) at the same time
Select Camera 1st
Hold Shift key down
Select Player 2nd
Release Shift key

Parent Camera to Player
Ctrl + P key
3D View menu >> Object >> Parent >> Make Parent

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