Oval Race Track: Blender 3D Game Engine


1.  Add either a Bezier Circle or a NURBS Circle.

  • Top View.  Object Mode
  • Spacebar >> Add >> Curve >> Bezier Circle
  • User Preference menu >> Add >> Curve >> Bezier Circle

2.  Change the Circle from 2D to 3D.

  • By default, the Bezier Circle and NURBS Circle are added as a 2D object. 
    To use it as a path for our oval track, we need it to convert it to 3D object

  • Bezier Circle selected.  Edit or Object Mode
  • Buttons Window menu >> Panels >> Editing (F9)
  • Curve and Surface tab >> 3D button

3.  Scale the circle to the size you want your oval track to be.

  • For this tutorial, I'm only scaling it a factor of 9.

  • Bezier Circle selected.  Edit Mode
  • Scale by a factor of 9.
  • S key
  • 3D View menu >> Mesh >> Transform >> Scale
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