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Blender Artists Forums BlenderArtists Forum
  • This is the official Blender 3D user forum.  Ask your Blender 3D and Blender 3D game engine questions here.
  • Categories: Modeling. Texturing.  Games.  Rigging.  Rendering.  Animation.  Works in Progress.  Finished works.  Etc.

Game Blender forum GameBlender Forum
  • A forum to ask your Game Engine questions.  
  • Categories: Game modeling.  Design.  Python.  Logic bricks.  Works in progress.  Finished games.   Networked games.  Bullet Physics.

BlenderNewbies forum BlenderNewbies™ Forum
  • Categories: General Help.  Quick Tips and Tricks.  Works in Progress.  Share Your General Blender Renders.  BlenderNewbies Tutorials Discussions and Results.

Blender Underground forum Blender Underground Forum
  • Categories:  General Questions and Help.  Tutorials, Hints and Tips.  Blender Underground Tutorial Feedback.  Blender Wish List.  Comments about the Latest Blender Builds.
The Blender 3D game engine can be used to make and play computer games.  Let your friends download and play your computer game.  Use the Blender 3D game engine to model game characters and 3D environments to create casual video games, first and third person shooters, role playing computer games, racing simulations video games for download.  Sell your games or let people download them for free.