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Blender Puzzle Ball

The Blender Puzzle Ball is a 3D puzzle in the tradition of the Rubik's Cube®.

The idea behind it is simple.  Rotate the rows until you have the sides lined up.

But being able to do this is anything but simple.  With the 3x3 puzzle, there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different combinations and only one of them is the final solution.

Trying to solve it can be frustrating.  And mindboggling.  But when you finally do solve it, satisfying.

There are two levels of play in the Blender Puzzle Ball.  A 2x2 puzzle and the 3x3 puzzle.  Each level contains 8 preset starting positions, a 'solved' and--most importantly-a random starting position that is different every time you play it. 

The Blender Puzzle Ball is free.  No ads.  No hidden costs.  Just install it and play.  I hope you enjoy it. 





Blender Game Engine:
The Blender Puzzle Ball was created using the Blender 3D game engine.  The game engine is part of Blender 3D, a full featured 3D modeling program.  Blender 3D is open source software.  Free to download.  Free to use.

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The Blender Puzzle Ball is released under the Creative Commons License Non Commerial
While it is free for personal use, it may not be used for any commerial purpose without the express written permission of the the copyright holder.

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