Python for the Blender 3D Game Engine

Blender 3D Game Engine Python API

List of BGE python classes:  Class Index (2.49b)  ---  Class Index (2.48)

Alphabetic list of BGE functions:  Function Index (2.49b)  ---   Function Index (2.48)
Python Reference  (Basic)

Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Integers, Floats, Operators, Statements and Functions

Python Reference

Import Module

Use a python script to import the Rasterizer Module and show the mouse cursor

Difficulty level:  Beginner

Rotating a cube

Use a python script to control sensors and actuators in the Blender 3D game engine

Python Script Tutorial


The Blender 3D and Blender 3D game engine tutorials were created as a series of step by step instructions to help you create computer games. Casual video games, First Person Shooter, role playing games, racing simulations and more. Use the Blender 3D tutorials to model and program your own three-dimensional world and then play on your computer.